Halo 4 Tournament Update

Halo 4 Tournament Update

Mar 27

So, a while ago we announced the Halo 4 tournament, 375634_253866374705437_2100483002_nbut then we pushed the date back because we said we had some super-secret negotiations going on.

Well, negotiations are complete and we can officially announce that our Halo 4 tournament is sponsored by 343 Industries, the people who created Halo 4!

They are shipping us some awesome prizes and we will announce what they are as soon as we get them.  In the mean time, sign up!

The event is on April 6th, starting at noon.  Entry fee is $5 per person.  Each round will be successive Slayer Pro matches where the top 5 players move on to the next round.  After the final round, the top 3 players will win prizes (From 343!!!).

Also, being part of this helps us raise money to put on the best event we can!

If you want to be a part, please send us payment using the PayPal button below, and fill out this form (or just send us all the pertinent info) and email it to admin@pacificnerdwest.com. If at all possible, please use the same email address that you use for your PayPal so we can match you to your payment. Otherwise, please add a note to your PayPal payment indicating who you are.

Suit up, Spartans!


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