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An all-ages tiny comic convention at the Spark Museum! Saturday, December 13 from 5pm-9pm. Buy comics! Trade comics! Sell comics! Win raffle prizes. Bring the kids! Free stuff! Meet people! Have a blast!
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Pacific NerdWest

Pacific NerdWest brings tiny conventions of the nerd persuasion to Bellingham, Washington and the surrounding area. Friendly fun for all kinds of fans. See our schedule below for upcoming events.

For nerds, by nerds

We’re just a few people who like comic books a lot and want to bring more comic action to our little town of Bellingham. Our events are designed for fun, not profit, and we hope you’ll come, have fun, and tell your friends.
Maybe you’re a hardcore comic fan. Maybe you’re just curious about comics. Maybe your kid needs to buy their first comic book. You’re officially invited to our events. To buy some comics. To trade some comics. To talk nerd shop talk. See you there!
Do you own a store? Do you have too many comic-related stuff in your collection? We would love to have you vend at our event. Check out the Vendors page to learn more about how you can be part of our comic book swap meets. It’s cheap and we want you to participate.


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